Water heaters generally do what they’re supposed to do and regularly remain undetected until one needs a Kalamazoo Water Heater Repair. However, some of the issues which arise can be avoided with regular servicing by an expert. Always observe your natural gas burning hot water heater, as a few of the issues which might develop could be costly and dangerous for loved ones and animals. Outlined in this article, we are detailing 4 indications that a gas water heater could need to be swapped out.

Leaking Water

When there is water on the floor near your hot water heater or dripping out of a pipe, you may need to replace the hot water heater. But, dependant upon where the water is found and the amount there is, you could possibly be all right. Should the water heater is dripping water from a pipe and there is a little bit of water on the floor beside the unit, it is more than likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve removes additional steam from the water heater, this kind of water vapor becomes to water and will come out from the water heater by way of a pipe to the side of the unit. Whenever this is the situation, it happens to be completely natural and essential for the hot water heater to work adequately. You should not attempt to shift the T&P valve and never obstruct it. In cases where you might be concerned with the amount of water that may be coming out of the pipe, call a professional! In cases where the leaking water is originating from the underside of the tank, it is almost absolutely time to get a different hot water heater. When the hot water heater warms water the metal tank expands and contracts, this movement might cause cracks and small fractures, that will sooner or later lead to leaking. When this occurs, it’s time to purchase a new unit.Water Heater Repair in Kalamazoo


Around the piping coming from the water heater you can find pipe fittings that need to be sealed tight to be able to keep the pipe in place as well as keep water from leaking out of the opening. In the event you happen to be seeing corrosion around such pipe fittings, water is getting out of the hole. While it is not a big leak and will not likely cause immediate damage to the heater, in the event that the matter is not resolved, significant and costly issues will eventually develop.

Burn Markings

In the event that you’re noticing burn marks around the base of the water heater, there can be two possible troubles. However, each of them happen to be really serious and both call for an expert. One issue could be with the venting. In case the venting is blocked or had been mounted improperly, it could cause the exhaust fumes to go back in the house. This is unsafe and could lead to illness or fire in cases where it is left alone for too long. Nevertheless, it may not necessarily mean you will have to upgrade the water heater, and that is good. Another likely issue with burn marks might be the flue pipes inside the water heater are obstructed. This may cause a number of dangerous issues and, unfortunately, the hot water heater will need to be exchanged immediately.

Orange Flame Color

Gas burning water heaters have a blue flame beneath the tank anytime it is functioning. However, in the event that you happen to be seeing that flame is an orange or yellow shade, rather than blue, the burner is not operating accurately and will have to be looked at by a pro.

There are numerous issues that could occur with gas burning water heaters, however by using frequent servicing and annual check ups, you might be able to prevent the need for an emergency water heater repair in Kalamazoo which might potentially be costly. Give us a call today if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your water heater!